Original British Napoleonic P-1796 Light Dragoon Saber by Hadley - Marked to the 15th Light Dragoons

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Original Item. Only One Available. This is an untouched gem, straight out of an old English Collection! This is a standard Napoleonic era iron mounted Pattern 1796 Light Dragoon Saber in iron scabbard. The leather covering to the ribbed wooden grip is mostly missing, however the Chappe (rain-guard) of the hilt is clearly marked with the Regimental details: 15 L.D. / C / 14, which indicates it's use in the 15th Light Dragoons, C Company and 14th Trooper. The scabbard itself is also marked C / 14.

The 15th Light Dragoon saw action at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 under the direct command of Lieutenant Colonel Sir Colquhoun Grant, who commanded the 5th Cavalry Brigade, consisting of the 7th and 15th Hussars with the 13th Light Dragoons attached. This unit was stationed in the centre of the allied position; during the battle he had five horses shot under him. Grant was reputed to have been the strongest man in the British Army, and was given the nickname "The Black Giant. He was later promoted to lieutenant-general in 1830.

The P-1796 Light Cavalry saber uses a widening blade toward the tip called a HATCHET POINT which apparently greatly aids to the force of the blow delivered. NAPOLEON BONAPARTE himself complained that this was against the "Spirit of War". Of course the Germans also adopted it and there it is referred to as the "BLEUCHERSABEL".

Fully cleaned, this P-1796 Light Cavalry Saber comes complete with its iron scabbard, both fully Regimentally marked. The blade is in very nice condition, one of the best we've seen, with minimal oxidation and much of the original bright finish. The edge is particularly nice, with just a few tiny nicks, and the spine is marked by maker HADLEY. There is also a proof mark in the middle of the blade fuller.

A great example of a legendary Napoleonic Cavalry Saber, Regimentally and maker marked, ready to display!

More on the 15th Light Dragoons

The regiment was first raised in the London area by George Augustus Eliott, 1st Baron Heathfield as Elliots Light Horse as the first of the new regiments of light dragoons in 1759. It was renamed the 15th Regiment of (Light) Dragoons in 1760. It served in various European conflicts during the remainder of the 18th century.

The regiment was reconstituted as a hussar regiment in 1807 as the 15th (The King's) Regiment of (Light) Dragoons (Hussars). It landed at Corunna in November 1808 for service in the Peninsular War and defeated two regiments of French cavalry at the Battle of Sahagún in December 1808. At the battle two French lieutenant colonels were captured and the French 1st Provisional Chasseurs à cheval, who lost many men captured, ceased to exist as a viable regiment. However, the commanding officer of the 15th Hussars, Colonel Colquhoun Grant, was wounded in the battle. The regiment embarked at Corunna for their journey home in January 1809.

The regiment were ordered to support Sir Arthur Wellesley's Army on the Iberian Peninsula and landed at Lisbon in February 1813. It took part in the Battle of Morales in June 1813 and the Battle of Vitoria later in the month. It then pursued the French Army into France and supported the infantry at the Battle of Orthez in February 1814 and at the Battle of Toulouse in April 1814. It returned to England in July 1814. The regiment was recalled for the Hundred Days and landed at Ostend in May 1815: it took part in a charge at the Battle of Waterloo in June 1815 and returned to England in May 1816.

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