Original British Napoleonic P-1796 Heavy Cavalry Sword with German Replacement Blade by W. Schmidt Solingen

Item Description

Original Item: One of a Kind. Much has been said about the famous P-1796 Light Cavalry Saber, the British version of the famous German BLÜCHERSÄBEL (Blucher Saber). However that same year, another sword was patterned, the massive P-1796 Heavy Cavalry Sword, with a straight "cleaver" blade of massive proportions.

The grip was very similar to the Light Cavalry Saber, but the guard is something else entirely. It features a round flat cross guard with 8 holes around the edge, and a solid handguard. There are also two imposing conical langets, which are closer to spikes than anything else.

Intact examples of these command quite a premium, as they were not issued in large numbers, and are also very rare to find in the original issued condition, as the blades were often replaced with ones that were a bit more manageable.

That is precisely what has happened with this example, which had the heavy cleaver blade replaced with a later much thinner spear tipped blade, which looks to have been made in Germany. The ricasso is stamped W.S. & Co., and the etching also is etched with W. Schmolz & Co. in Solingen

The condition is quite good, but definitely does show wear. The etching on the blade is now faint, and the grip is somewhat worn. Definitely a sword of interest.

Overall length: 39 1/2”
Blade length: 34"
Blade Style: Single Edged Spear Point with Fuller
Handguard: 5” wide x 5” long

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