Original British Napoleonic Naval Boarding Cutlass circa 1815

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Introduced just after the Battle of Trafalgar and basically used up until about 1850, this was the basic British Naval Boarding
that were often found in Racks on the various Gun Decks for sailors to grab to repel boarders. These cutlasses were traditionally stored "ON DECK" in wood racks without scabbards so they could be ready for instant use. Scabbards were available, but stored separately, and only really used for shore parties.

The cutlass is of all steel and iron construction, and has a virtually straight single edged blade of 27". The iron basket guard encloses an iron grip with multiple
cast in finger grooves for secure grip. Overall length is 32".

In sturdy condition with overall pitting from the salt sea air, this is just what the Sailors grabbed when being boarded by an enemy. Without Scabbard, this is absolutely original and ready to display!

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