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Original British Napoleonic Lion-headed 52nd Regiment of Foot Bandsman's Short Sword - circa 1815

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Original Item: One Only. From the time of King George 3rd this is a brass-hilted, lion headed Bandsman's Short Sword with 20" double edged blade. Overall length is 25 inches. All brass hilt with straight cross guard and Lion's Head to pommel. Engraved in the grip is the regimental marking:

52nd REG of FOOT


Originally raised as a line regiment in 1755 and numbered as the 54th Foot, in 1801 the regiment was changed to the 52nd Regiment of Foot in 1756, and by the Napoleonic wars, was officially known as the The 52nd (Oxfordshire) Regiment of Foot, Light Infantry. This Regiment served in the American War of Independence, the Peninsular War and at the Battle of WATERLOO in 1815 under the command of Colonel SIR JOHN COLBORNE K.C.B. At the Battle of Waterloo, Colborne on his own initiative brought the 52nd Regiment of Foot forward, took up a flanking position in relation to the French Imperial Guard and then, after firing repeated volleys into their flank, charged at the Guard so driving them back in disorder.

A fine good condition example, polished, ready to display

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