Original British Napoleonic Era Bronze Small Signal Cannon converted to Percussion

Item Description

Original British Item: Only One Available. Now this is really special: it is a genuine Georgian era Signal Cannon made to resemble the Naval Cannon abroad Nelson's Men-of-War fighting ships that served throughout the 18th Century, but best remembered for the great Sea Victory at TRAFALGAR in 1805.

This features a 10 1/2" brass/bronze barrel, the bore being just under 3/4". The Cannon is mounted on its sturdy original carriage with brass wheels and fittings, which are beautifully constructed. The entire Cannon measures just over 11" in length, 7" tall and 8" wide. It is very sturdy and was designed and made to fire signals from one ship to another. Of course today these are used to start Yacht races, open fetes and all other sort of nonsense, but in the Georgian era (1714-1830) Signal cannons played an important part in the Royal Navy.

Most interestingly this example has be CONVERTED from its original standard touch hole fire to the percussion cap system, probably in the 1840s or 1850s, when it was still in service. It was discharged simply by fitting a percussion cap over the added nipple, now implanted in the touch hole, and striking it with a small hammer and the cannon would fire. Although it was only intended to shoot powder and wadding, it is built so well that a .65 bore lead Cannon/Pistol ball could easily be added. It even has the correct Nelson era elevating system of a wooden wedge to higher or lower the Cannon Barrel's trajectory to near or distant targets.

For its size it is surprisingly heavy, a real indication of this examples great quality. Dating most probably to the Napoleonic wars which ended after WATERLOO in 1815, this is absolutely authentic and ready to Display.

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