Original British Napoleonic Era Brass Hilted Short Cutlass marked to Cornwall Militia c.1750

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Everyone knows that Britain is an island, which is why it has remained uninvaded since 1066. The Spanish tried it in 1588, Bonnie Prince Charlie tried it in 1745 and NSDAP Germany under AH almost tried it in 1940. However the GREATEST threats of all came during 1795 and 1815. Firstly with the possible export of the French Revolution and secondly and much more seriously from NAPOLEON BONAPARTE in 1805.

Real PANIC grasped Britain once King Louis XVI lost his head in 1794 and this returned ten years later with Napoleon's massing of Troops on the Channel Coast. What saved Britain was Horatio Nelson and the Royal Navy's defeat of the combined French and Spanish Fleets at TRAFALGAR in 1805. Napoleon was eventually routed at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.

Right out of "POLDARK", the T.V. series one might think but this is a 100% ORIGINAL example of typical 18th century Official CORNWALL MILITIA equipment. Measuring 30" in overall length the 24 1/2 " curved blade bears a "Running Wolf" Maker's Mark enclosing the initials S.H. The all brass hilt features a simulated twisted grip, a ball pommel and, a heart shaped sword guard. The small quillion that would normally be in the "valley" of the heart has unfortunately broken off. It has a three bar hand guard.

The front face of the heart shaped brass guard is engraved with D / 21 representing "D" Company, 21st man and M. CORNWALL standing for CORNWALL MILITIA. Cornwall is at the toe of England and saw much action against the French in every War England ever had with France. The Militia were the first line of Defense against any French Invasion to hold the "Frogs" at bay until Regular Troops could arrive.

Hugely rare and truly romantic, lovely aged patina ready to display!

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