Original British Napoleonic Cased Henry Nock Duck's Foot Flintlock Pistol Named to Captain Codrington of HMS Orion - Battle of Trafalgar

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Original Items: One of a Kind Set. This is an absolutely fantastic named cased Duck’s Foot pistol set. Its not to say that all Duck’s Foot pistols aren't fantastic, its just that this one is especially grand!

At the center of this set is a wonderful little Duck's Foot four barrel flintlock pistol, made by the the famous London Gun Maker HENRY NOCK. This fine pistol comes fully cased with accessories, together with some personal items of CAPTAIN EDWARD CODRINGTON, commander of H.M.S. ORION, who took part in the Battle of Trafalgar with great success.

Codrington had been given the ship of the line HMS Orion in the spring of 1805 which was attached to Admiral Nelson's fleet off Cadiz in the blockade of the combined fleet. Codrington and Orion were engaged at the Battle of Trafalgar on 21 October 1805, where Orion was stationed to the rear of the northern division and therefore took two hours to reach battle. Once there, Codrington ignored all other ships and focused entirely on closing with a hitherto unengaged French ship, the Swiftsure, forcing her to surrender. He then attacked but failed to capture the Spanish flagship Principe de Asturias before moving on to the Intrepide, the only ship of the northern division to return. Orion, with other ships, dismasted and then sailed round her, firing continually until she surrendered.

This magnificent set consists of its quality Walnut or Mahogany wood case measuring 10" X 8" X 8" wrapped with brass plate corners on both lid and box in addition to a brass name plate to the center of the lid engraved :-

Captain E. Codrington

Under the case's lid is an aged HENRY NOCK TRADE LABEL, stating that Henry Nock was "Gun Maker to his Majesty" showing the  Royal Coat of Arms.

There are six compartments, one lidded, that contains a few lead balls, the others contain a brass/copper powder flask, a bullet mold, a traveling ivory mounted collapsible shaving brush and another ivory sliding lidded container, which we do not know the function of. There is also a very nice Georgian Silver snuff box with Birmingham Hallmarks for 1810 manufacture by William Pugh.

Best of all however is a STAGGERINGLY BEAUTIFUL MINIATURE OF CAPTAIN CODRINGTON, framed with PEARLS. The rear of the Miniature is a magnificent Cobalt blue translucent glass, which shows a starburst pattern underneath.

The Flintlock Duck's Foot Pistol itself has FOUR spread barrels each of 1 3/4" in length. The box lock has a sliding safety on the top, which also locks closed the frizzen over the flash pan. The "hidden" trigger does not fold out until the pistol is fully cocked. The frame of engraved iron shows on one side stands of arms and H. NOCK, with LONDON on the other. The pistol has a partially checkered wood grip and on the underside of the frame is a Silver oval escutcheon engraved :-


This is an incredible British Naval Set with " TRAFALGAR SIGNIFICANCE," the likes of which does not come around often at all.

Owned by I.M.A. Director Christian Cranmer for over 20 years and sadly offered so it can find a new home. Fantastic and ready to display!


Year of Manufacture: circa 1805
Caliber: about .50"
Ammunition Type: Ball and Powder
Barrel Length: 1 3/4 inches
Overall Length: 6 1/2 inches
Action: Top Action Flintlock
Feed System: Single Shot - 4 barrels

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