Original British Named Telescopes by Dollond of London with Original Receipt Dated 1775

Item Description

Original Items: One-of-a-kind Set. How does one encounter something like this!? Two 18th century telescopes by the renowned London Maker DOLLOND complete with their original paper receipt dated 10th November 1775.

Both telescopes are constructed of brass and mahogany.

• Telescope one is 5 sections and extends to 42". It reduces to just 11" when closed.
• Telescope two is massive 2 sections and extends to 44.5". It reduces to just 37.5" when closed.

Both bear the maker's name of DOLLOND, LONDON on the smallest brass barrel. Each is also engraved in script around the rear brass case band:

Governor Patrick Tonyn

Neither has been checked for optics other than to see light coming through to the eyepiece. Clearly released from the Tonyn family some years ago these have been in an English collection for more than 50 years.

PATRICK TONYN 1725 - 1804. The original receipt is made out to "Mr. Tonyn" who in fact joined the 6th Dragoons in 1744 when 19 years of age and led a flourishing military career becoming a colonel and in 1774 was appointed the Royal Governor of the Province of East Florida.

Governor Patrick Tonyn formed a volunteer regiment called the "East Florida Rangers" who defended Florida from Revolutionary incursions by gangs in Georgia. The situation deteriorated when Spain re-emerged hoping to regain Florida as a colony in 1779. Governor Tonyn repulsed the Spanish as well and created a haven in Florida for British loyalists from the other states and later assisted many to emigrate out of the new United States. He was promoted to Major General and finally to full General. He died in 1804.

A fascinating part of U.S. colonial history, fully-documented! A rare opportunity to add something significant to any pre-1776 collection.

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