Original British Military Manufactured Martini-Henry Rifle Subcaliber Morris Tube

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is the very rare military manufactured version of the Morris tube that, unlike the commercially made tubes, features rifling the full length of the sleeve. We had a few and all have been sold, this is our very last one offered in excellent condition.

The need for a short-range, small-caliber training rifle led to the adoption of the Tube, Aiming, Morris, Martini-Henry Rifle, Mark I, or Morris Tube for short. The need was driven by the desire of Army and Admiralty for more marksmanship training for soldiers and sailors. The relatively densely populated character of the British countryside provided limited venues for full-length small arms firing ranges, while a subcaliber cartridge could easily be fired on short ranges or even indoors. The Morris Tube for the M-H rifle used a very small caliber center-fire cartridge of limited range, which had the added advantage of low cost. Caliber .297 inch/.230 inch.

Of all accessories for all British military small arms, the Morris Tube is among the most rare and most desirable. IMA was able to obtain a very few of these, which were found when the barracks of an old territorial battalion in the UK were condemned and demolished recently.

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