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Original British Military 1st Gulf War GS MK6 Helmet Cloth Cover in Desert Camouflage DPM

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Original Item: The GS MK6 Helmet replaced the earlier steel helmets used by the British Army from 1987, made of bonded layers of ballistic nylon. Providing superior protection against grenade and missile fragments, the helmet was designed to accommodate communication aids and issued with a removable camouflage helmet cover, conventionally of the temperate DPM (disruptive pattern material). Covers printed in two-shade desert colours were first issued during the 1991 Gulf War, and soldiers often personalised them by adding their names, last three serial numbers, blood group and in some cases their battalion's tactical flash.

Helmet cover is desert DPM (disruptive pattern material) two-shade fabric. The cover features a lattice-work of light khaki elasticated straps for fitting foliage. Around the base of the cover is fitted a drawcord.

Helmet not included, cover only. Maker markings and sizes vary.

The Mk 6 helmet was the standard combat helmet of the British Armed Forces. The Mk 6 replaced the Mk III helmet in service from 1986 and is designed to accept modern ear protection, personal radios, and respirators. The helmet is manufactured by NP Aerospace, and is reported to have an "almost unlimited service life" by the manufacturer.

The helmet in its default configuration is a dark green. The army use covers to camouflage the helmet and adapt it to different environments. Covers include the British Disruptive Pattern Material in temperate, woodland and desert patterns, a pure white cover for arctic environments and a United Nations blue coloured cover. It is sometimes referred as the "battle bowler", a term first used for the Brodie helmet.

The Mk 6 is often mistakenly thought to be made out of kevlar when in fact it is constructed of "Ballistic Nylon" - nylon fiber.

From June 2009 the helmet was replaced by the Mk 7 helmet.

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