Original British Martini-Henry Rifle Tumbler Made by Birmingham Small Arms Company

Item Description

Original Item: The tumbler cocks the firing pin and acts as sear. The cocking indicator rod acts as the pivot for the tumbler. These tumblers were made by the Birmingham Small Arms Company, a major supplier of Martinis to the British government. This provenance is indicated by the presence of a capital italic letter B in the inspection stamp.

Shortly after becoming a major supplier of Martini-Henry rifles, the B.S.A. Company developed an elegant corporate logo, which is still in use. This consists of a stand of three Martini-Henry rifles with bayonets attached and the letters B.S.A. underneath.

If you wish to have one of the tumblers with the stand of rifles, please add $10 to your order and specify that choice. The tumblers featuring the stand of rifles have Enfield inspection stamps. Tumblers with the italic B do not have the stand of rifles but rather have WD and a broad arrow. All of these tumblers have been checked for fit on an original British manufacture cocking indicator rod. We have fewer than twenty original B.S.A. tumblers. Also, the tumbler is one of the parts most frequently requiring replacement, and since they won’t be around forever, now is a good time to get a spare.

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