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Original British Martini-Henry MkIII by Enfield dated 1881 Converted to Citadel .303 Artillery Carbine in 1906

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Original Item: Only One Available. These are just wonderful, with loads of history behind every example! This started life in England as a .577/.450 Martini-Henry MARK III made at RSAF Enfield in 1881, just in time for the Egyptian campaign and the Battle of Tel-el-Kabir in 1884. In 1906 at the CITADEL ARMORY in CAIRO, EGYPT, it was reconfigured into an Artillery Carbine and was converted to .303 caliber as an Martini-Enfield. It very possibly served in the First World War, under General Allenby in the Arab Revolt. When company director Christian Cranmer was a boy in the 1950's, England appeared to be awash with these Martini Carbines but at that time Napoleonic Flintlocks were plentiful too. How things have changed!

The Martini action, adopted by the British in 1871 was one of the strongest ever developed, and saw military service in England and the Empire, in one form or another for almost seventy years. Its most famous action being the defense of Rorke's Drift in Natal, South Africa in the 1879 Zulu War. The bore shows clear rifling with a bright finish, and just a bit of wear on the lands. The exterior is also in nice shape, with lovely wood, that shows the usual wear from age and service.

Nice complete condition and in good working order, this little carbine is already 135 year old and rated "ANTIQUE". Ready to display!


Year of Manufacture: 1881 - converted 1906
Caliber:  .303 British
Cartridge Type: Centerfire Cartridge
Overall Length: 21 Inches

Overall Length: 37 Inches
Action type: Falling-Block
Feed System: Single Shot

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