Original British Manufactured P-1818 East India Company Transitional Brown Bess Musket

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is the only example we found in 55,000 antique gun purchase from the Royal Nepalese Army in 2003.

This is the final version of the Brown Bess Musket the East India Company introduced that later transitioned into the percussion system in 1839. This musket represents the change from the "Windus" system, in place since 1771 to the new "Baker" system fully adopted in 1819. The Baker system simplified many elements of the standard musket in that the butt was not cut as a bannister rail, the apron of wood behind the barrel tang was omitted, the brass furniture was greatly reduced in size, particularly the overall length of the trigger guard. Most noticeable change in the Baker system, however, was the adoption of a rounded ring-neck cock and the widening of the side nail spacing leading to a longer side plate that was secured in the middle with an additional woodscrew.

All this is explained in great detail in David Harding's wonderful Book "SMALL ARMS OF THE EAST INDIA COMPANY 1600-1856" see volume two, pages 62-70.

This particular musket has the widened side nails extending the length of the side plate and the much simplified trigger guard. The lock still retains the E.I.C. Rampant Lion logo but does not have a border engraving and is of the earlier swan-neck Windus pattern.

The walnut stock is also of the Windus pattern with classic bannister rail butt and apron around the barrel tang. The 39" barrel bears British proof marks.

Best of all are the large impressed regimental markings stamped into the left side of the butt stock that read:

L 110/44

This confirms active service and no doubt can be researched and identified.

Every other example of this model musket we have found with the wider spaced side nails has been converted to percussion and then became classified as an East India Company Musket Type "A".

Beautifully cleaned and now put into its very best light, this rare E.I.C. Musket still in original flintlock configuration will add an exceedingly rare transitional model to any British Empire collection.

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