Original British M1915 WWI Dated Spring Loaded Bayonet Training Rifle by Webley and Scott Ltd

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Original Item: Very Few Available. Would you believe this, we have had these for almost 20 years and only uncovered them now! Originating from the Guards depot in Caterham Surrey England where all the Foot Guards

Regiments, the ones with the bear skin helmets, were posted since 1877 until it's closure in the 1990s.

These are the M1915 bayonet training rifle (or musket) produced for the British Army by Webley and Scott Ltd, of London and Birmingham and each wood butt stock bears the remains of the manufacturer's name together with broad arrow and 1915 date stamps.

The metal part of the plunger tube also bears military proof/acceptance markings. Each is constructed like a rifle with wood stock and cup steel butt plate the action and barrel are just a tube, with wooden fore stock, containing a large coil spring into which a floating steel rod is secured with a steel disk to the front.

Upon contact with an opponent the rod compresses into the tube simulating bayonet combat, which, at that stage of WW1 was an everyday event on the Western Front.

These have laid undisturbed in a sealed wood case we have just a handful of examples in fine condition and ready for training.

Measures approximately 59 inches overall when extended and 46 inches when fully compressed.

Original WW1 Maker marked and Dated Bayonet Training simulation rifles, a must for any Enfield rifle collection.


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