Original British Long Land Pattern Brown Bess Flintlock Musket by Smith- Dated 1746

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. A wonderful musket featuring a 45.5 inch barrel, four brass ramrod pipes, and the most fabulous banana shaped flintlock mechanism with Crown over G.R. and across the lock tail it reads-




The side plate is raised, not flat and the musket has a brass butt plate with an unmarked escutcheon. The trigger guard is brass but the front portion comes to a point, meaning it does not have the traditional "acorn" pattern in use by this time. The trigger guard could have been a "left over" from an earlier period that was pressed into use or perhaps a later replacement using an older part. . The lock screws are very crisp and seem to be later replacements.

The barrel shows English proofs, but no regimental markings are evident. There are some numeral stampings on the butt stock, the meaning of which we have been unable to decipher.

All in all a jolly impressive original early British long land pattern musket with an unusual maker's name and early date, most attractive and a fine addition to any collection.

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