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Original British Lee-Enfield .22 Rifle No. 8 Complete Trigger Mechanism

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Original Item: Shortly after WW2 a number of small bore rifles were developed in the UK based on the No. 4 rifle. The No. 8 rifle was one of these. It was a single shot, and used a very unusual trigger system that could be set to give the double-stage pull found on military rifles or the single-stage pull favored on target rifles. Consequently, it was a somewhat complicated, finely made assembly.

IMA has found a very few complete No. 8 trigger assemblies. They are in very nice condition although dirty from long storage. The double spring assembly at the front of the mechanism seats into the bottom of the cartridge tray device, and the axis pin, which is not available, is the rear securing pin of the cartridge tray. A picture of the cartridge tray can be seen at BB5142, the bolt and tray set.

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