Original British Large Naval Flintlock Ducks Foot Pistol with Silver Inlay by Bunney of London

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Original Item: Only One Available. Dating from between 1770-1780, not only is this an extremely scarce flintlock pistol it is perhaps one of the most unique style pistols ever manufactured.

Manufactured by BUNNEY of LONDON, a family that worked for three generations from 1730 until 1815. This type of weapon is called a "Duck's Foot" pistol purely because of it’s resemblance to, well, an actual duck's foot. Essentially this is a simple box lock flintlock action that supports four identical spreading cannon barrels providing the shooter with a wide field of fire.

These types of pistols were designed for Naval captains during the 18th century when a seaman's life was very hard and far from happy. These fearsome pistols were meant to deter mutiny which history tells was a far too common event at the time. Eventually, in the late 1790s, the entire British Fleet committed mutiny at Spithead bringing sweeping changes to the daily life of a British seaman aboard a ship.

This pistol, of iron construction, has four nearly identical individually numbered flared cannon barrels each 4.5 inches in length, measuring 11.5 inches in overall length. The fine walnut grip is profusely adorned with delicate silver wire inlay while the oval silver escutcheon, on rear of grip, displays initials that appear to read: C A D. The letters overlay each other so the actual monogram could be any combination of the three.

We estimate the date of manufacture to be between 1770 and 1780. This pistol was made for only one use and understandably these have always been rare as hen’s teeth. This is a fine and utterly unique Naval captain's weapon very possibly dating to the American Revolution and offers tremendous research potential.

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