Original British Iron Barrel Dog Lock Blunderbuss Circa 1700

Item Description

Original Item: Only one available. This is a very early London made iron barrel blunderbuss by the well-documented maker Godfrey Taylor. The Dog Lock ignition system is marked "G.TAYLOR" and is covered in strawberry leaf engravings typical of the period.

Godfrey Taylor is recorded in Stockel as having worked from 1678-1701 however in Bill Ahern's wonderful volume MUSKETS OF THE REVOLUTION on page 14, there is a somewhat similar lock of Military pattern which is dated "6" for 1706 and the lock is also signed G.Taylor. Therefore we cannot directly determine the age of this blunderbuss beyond sometime between 1680-1710.

This Blunderbuss has all the classic early attributes- tang screw rises from below into the front of the trigger, the openwork brass scrolled side plate is retained by three lock screws and the brass mounts are all of 17th century style with early engraving including what appears to be a helmeted bust on the escutcheon and the butt plate has an exceedingly long top strap stretching almost 7 inches along the top of the butt comb. The heavy iron barrel is 18 inches in length while the brass tipped wood ramrod is a later replacement.

The lock has been taken out and somewhat cleaned as it does not match the patina of the barrel, but the lock inlet would indicate that both certainly appear to be from the same gun.

This is a classic early Blunderbuss that we all wish hadn't ever been cleaned however a fine display example dating from perhaps 1680-1710.

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