Original British Household Cavalry Lifeguard Trooper Funeral Uniform Set

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Set Available. Here's something we have never seen before, and we've had a lot of Household Cavalry gear over these couple of decades. This is a standard Life Guard Trooper's Uniform Set complete with Plumed Helmet and Armor Cuirass of Front and Back Plates however the helmet and armor have had the silvered surface finished in gloss black.

Everything else is perfectly standard, the set is comprised of the following-

• Front and Back Cuirass Set with brass mounts and shoulder straps, again the silvered areas have been turned to a gloss black finish.
• Plumed Helmet in a gloss black finish (appears recently refreshed) with beautiful white horsehair plume.
• Red Melton cloth tunic with all regimental buttons and gimp facings to collar, cuffs and rear vent.
• Gimp Aiglette roping set with navy blue shoulder boards complete.
• Pair white buff leather jodhpurs, well worn, these were originally buff white but are now dull and soiled.
• Pair white buff leather Gauntlets (gloves).
• Polished white shoulder cross belt set with black dispatch box bearing brass Cypher.
• Finally a pair of black leather thigh boots for use with the leather jodhpurs while mounted.

We have had several complete Lifeguard sets before but have NEVER seen anything like this.

Through research and questioning of experts we have been told that this may have been an experimental set developed in 1964 for the Funeral of Sir Winston Churchill. Traditionally upon the death of a Monarch the coffin is "Laid in State" surrounded by four of these red coated Cavalry Guardsmen of the Household Cavalry Division on foot, one at each corner of the coffin with head bowed.

It was suggested that a "Laying in State" for the Coffin was needed but that it would not be appropriate to replicate the funeral of the Monarch. So it was proposed to use Black faced Armor in the case of Sir Winston Churchill.

In fact, this idea was not adopted and finally they decided on one member from each of the armed services instead was substituted; Army, Navy, Air Force and Royal Marines.

Christian (owner of IMA) was 19 at the time and regretted never properly paying his respects despite the fact that he was in London every day at the time. Virtually every retail store in London took out all their window displays and just exhibited large portraits of England's Greatest Hero draped in black silk. These memorials lasted the entire time of the official mourning period.

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