Original British Household Cavalry Helmet Life Guard White Horsehair Plume Assembly

Item Description

Original Item: Sold off by The British Ministry of Defense in the early 1990s these are the Original Horse Hair Plume Assemblies for the Life Guard Regiment (White) and The Royal Horse Guard Regiment (Red) which together make up The Household Cavalry.

Constructed from genuine Horse Hair approximately 18" in length draped around a wooden "donut" mounted atop a central 9" metal rod, which is held in place by a hole down through the "spike" on the Helmet Top. The Hair covered ball is secured by a brass ball collar below a silver nickel domed metal cap threaded onto the top of the rod.

These are genuine Military Surplus released over 15 years ago and most being several decades old. Of course, these are ideal for British Household Cavalry Helmets BUT also suitable for a great variety of other helmets, including both British and Foreign regimes dating back to the early Victorian age (may require some slight modifications). Tail Horsehair, always hard to find, deteriorates with age so here is your chance to refurbish many models in your helmet collection. Available in Red or White. This is the white plume for the Life Guard Regiment.

Plume Only, helmet not included.

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