Original British HMS CONQUEROR Ship Block Assembly- Battle of Trafalgar Related

Item Description

Original Item: One-of-a-kind. Recently acquired in England from a large maritime collection this is a typical massive block (pulley wheel) assembly for a Man-o-War of circa 1800.

Correct wood (not iron) naval block with very substantial roping with remains of canvas covering. Complete with iron suspending eye this item even bears an old saleroom label from Birmingham England where Christian (IMA’s owner) used to visit as a boy some 50 years ago!

The most notable feature is an early very old bone or perhaps stained ivory tag screwed/nailed to the oak frame reading; "H.M.S. CONQUEROR, Chatham, 1821"

Now this HMS CONQUEROR was a "3rd Rate Man-o-War" with 74 Guns and measuring 176 feet in length. She was constructed in Harwich, Essex and launched on November 23rd. 1801, and commissioned in 1803 joining the Channel fleet.

In 1805 at the famous Battle of Trafalgar, Captained by the legendry ISRAEL PELLEW, HMS CONQUEROR was 5th in line between HMS Leviathon and HMS Agamemnon where she engaged the French Flagship "BUCENTAURE." After a furious firefight PELLEW forced the French Vessel to surrender. The CONQUEROR's Captain of Marines, James Aitcherley, was sent over to take possession of the French War Ship and the French Fleet Commander ADMIRAL VILLENEUVE. HMS CONQUEROR played a vital role at Trafalgar and went onto an illustrious Naval career. She was retired from service in 1821 and "broken up" in July 1822 at Chatham, Kent.

Offered in wonderful original matured condition showing multiple rope burns into the wood frame, here is a fine Naval pulley wheel assembly from a famous Ship of the Line that served at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. This is a fascinating piece of Naval memorabilia.

Please understand that we have no way of verifying if this pulley was used on the ship during the Battle of Trafalgar nor can we guarantee it is even from the HMS CONQUEROR (regardless of the plaque). However, we paid a great deal for it, as it looks to us to be a genuine article.

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