Original British Henry Nock Flintlock Naval Blunderbuss Pistol with Brass Barrel

Item Description

Original Item. Only One. Here is a massive brass barreled blunderbuss pistol dating from around 1770 that was undoubtedly intended for Naval use. The flintlock mechanism is marked with a "Crown over G.R." has inspector's marks and is signed across the tail "H.NOCK" the renowned London Gunsmith 1741-1804. The Pistol of relatively simple form has a substantial 7" belt hook mounted on the left side over the brass side plate. The Barrel bearing various proof marks is signed "LONDON". The mounts, trigger guard, ramrod pipe and side plate are also of brass. This pistol was never fitted with a Butt Cap. The Barrel is 7.5" long and the pistol is 12.5" overall.

What makes this pistol so interesting is the large size of the bore, an inch and a half at the muzzle, sounds small but it isn't! For the size of the pistol the bore is enormous! From what research has been done we suspect this was a British Naval Specialized weapon intended as a pyrotechnic devise that could fire a flaming projectile onto the sails of an enemy ship. The recoil would not have been as substantial hence the diminutive nature of the grip.

That being the case, this pistol is extremely rare and may have seen service at some of the great Sea Battles of the era including The Battle of the Saints 1782, Howe's Victory Glorious of 1795, Nelson's Battle of the Nile in 1798, the Battle of Copenhagen in 1801, and of course Nelson's Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. In fine collectible condition, ready to display, a genuine British Naval Flintlock Blunderbuss Pistol of around 1770 by Henry Nock of London. Fabulous!

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