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Original British Four Barrel Duck's Foot Flintlock Pistol by Wiggin of London - Circa 1800-1820

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Original Item. Only one Available. John Wiggin, who worked from a small shop in London, is not remembered as England's greatest gun maker. However, he remained in business in central London for about 20 years during a time of great upheaval across Europe. The French Revolution was now over and Europe was in the grip of Napoleon Bonaparte. Britain was at war with France and street crime was rampant. It was not until 1815 with the final defeat of Napoleon that calm descended on the land.

Here we offer a moderate sized four barrel duck's foot flintlock pistol made by WIGGIN of all steel with a wood grip nicely decorated with inlaid silver wire, some of which is missing. Duck's Foot pistol were designed with usually four barrels splayed out like the fingers of your hand offering a wide field of fire. All barrels discharged at once, with devastating effects. Normally associated with used by Ship's Captain to discourage mutiny in the very brutal Royal Navy of the time, these were also available to the general public, at least the better off, to fend of Foot Pads or Street Ruffians who roamed the streets of London.

Each of the four barrels is numbered and each shows the London Proof House of a Crown over V (meaning viewed) which in turn indicated that each barrel had been tested with a high power proof load to testify to its high quality. This particular pistol is 9 inches in overall length with four 3 inch screw off barrels. Hardly enough to discourage a drunken crew of sailors but more than enough see off street hooligans I suspect.

Offered in lovely tight fully operational condition and ready to display, these are most unusual and will be a discussion point of any collection.

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