Original British Flintlock Sea Service Pistol Marked H.M.S. BELLEISLE

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Item Available. This is a totally standard British Naval Flintlock long Sea Service pistol dating from about 1800. The Lock is marked with a crown over G.R. and TOWER across the tail.

It is complete with all brass mounts and ramrod present as is the belt hook, along the barrel there is just visible although now very faint-


H.M.S.BELLEISLE was a 74 gun Third Rate Man-o-War of 184 feet captured from the French 23rd June 1795 near Belle Isle; her former French name had been FORMIDABLE.

She saw service at The Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 in Admiral Collingwood's Lee Column under the command of Captain William Hargood. She suffered considerably in the battle; of her compliment of 728 men, thirty-three were killed and ninety-four wounded. She was eventually broken up in August 1814.

This is a sound flintlock pistol with proof markings to the wood stock and a jolly interesting association with a Man-o-War that served at the battle of Trafalgar.

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