Original British Flintlock Saddle Ring Elliot Carbine of the 16th Light Dragoons - Circa 1773-1810

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Original Item: Only one available. Approved by King George III in June 1773 this 28" flintlock saddle ring carbine was named after General George Augustus Elliott commander of the 15th or "The Kings's Own Royal Light Dragoons".

Originally designed with a 36" barrel and a wooden ramrod, by the Napoleonic period the carbine was shortened to a 28" barrel and had a metal ramrod. The ramrod had a habit of falling out, so during the opening stages of the Peninsular War they started to phase the gun out. Originally it featured a ramrod with a swell near the end around which a groove was cut. This was to index into a protrusion at the front of the nose cap to secure the ramrod in position. The protrusion was later done away with, but the ramrod continued with a cut groove. See "BRITISH MILITARY FIREARMS" by Howard Blackmore Page 63 with illustration on Plate 19.

The Elliot carbine saw service throughout the American War of Independence and was still in service by the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 by which time various other carbine styles had also been adopted.

Made at a cost of one pound eighteen shillings and ten pence and one halfpenny mainly only for the Light Dragoons.

This .65 caliber example is in very good condition and retains the saddle bar and ring to the left side. The barrel is 28" and the carbine has all brass mounts. The tang of the butt plate bears the marking E/45 16 L-D indicating that it was in service with the 16th Light Dragoons.

The lock is marked with Crown G.R. and TOWER across the tail.

History of the 16th Regiment of (Light) Dragoons:

The regiment was raised as the second of the new regiments of light dragoons in 1759, as the 16th Regiment of (Light) Dragoons, also known as Burgoyne's Light Horse. In 1766 they were renamed after Queen Charlotte as the 2nd (or The Queen's) Regiment of (Light) Dragoons, the number being an attempt to create a new numbering system for the light dragoon regiments. However, the old system was quickly reestablished, with the regiment returning as the 16th (The Queen's) Regiment of (Light) Dragoons in 1769.

Shortly after its establishment the regiment saw combat in February 1761 against French forces garrisoning Belle Île. During the subsequent eight months the 16th Light Dragoons served as part of a British force campaigning against the Spanish.

The 16th Light Dragoons arrived in New York in September, 1776. They were involved in fighting at Brandywine, Paoli, and Monmouth Court House. The regiment returned to Britain in December, 1778.

During 1793-96 the 16th Light Dragoons served in the Low Countries during the early stages of the French Revolutionary Wars, distinguishing itself at the Battle of Beaumont. In Spain and France between 1809 and 1814 the regiment suffered 309 casualties in a series of separate encounters. At Waterloo the regiment charged with Vandeleur's Cavalry Brigade.

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