Original British Flintlock Dragoon Pistol of the Tywford Yeomanry County Norfolk Circa 1797

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Original Item: One-of-a-kind. Now, this is a peach. It has an old arsenal repair but it is offered in very crisp lightly used condition. This is the 9-inch barrel Dragoon model introduced in the 1790s replacing the 12-inch barrel Dragoon pistols that had served throughout the 18th century.

The lock bears a crown over GR with TOWER across the lock tail. It features all brass mounts and a steel ramrod. The barrel is nicely marked with British proof marks.

The walnut wood stock had been cracked near the butt cap and trigger guard presumably because some trooper having fired his load had reversed the pistol and used is as a club. Someone certainly woke up with a headache on that day!

The stock repair is typical of regimental armory repairs of the period and then the pistol was returned to service.

Most interesting is the marking on the underside of the brass trigger guard that reads:



Twyford is a market town in the County of Norfolk on the east coast of England. In the late 1790s it became apparent that revolutionary France, with whom it had been at war since 1793, might well invade England. The rise of Napoleon Bonaparte with his amazing military skills on continental Europe gave great pause to England and all sorts of communities started raising their own Militia and Yeomanry units to help repel such an imminent invasion.

Once Nelson destroyed the combined French and Spanish Fleets at the Battle of Trafalgar Napoleon's invasion plan was eliminated and by the final Allied victory at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 all these Militia and Yeomanry units had been mostly disbanded.

A rare unit marked flintlock Dragoon pistol from the turn of the 18th century offered in very nice condition showing little actual use, totally original and authentic.

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