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Original British EIC Company Musket by Manton and Company London

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Original Item: Only One Available. In the early 1830s the British East India Company started looking for a Percussion Musket to replace the Brown Bess. Many gun makers were approached but Manton of London played a considerable part in the development of what later became known as "The Company Musket".

There is a reference in David Harding's wonderful book "SMALL ARMS OF THE EAST INDIA COMPANY 1600-1856" Volume 2 page 572 referring to musket supply from Manton as early as 1837.

Standard company muskets were marked on the lock plates with an EIC "Rampant Lion" cypher but examples manufactured by Manton were maker marked on the lock as follows:




Such marked Company Muskets are very scarce.

This example is in beautifully cleaned and complete condition. The 39" barrel bears British proof marks and the brass furniture displays no turning, differing from other Company Muskets, a feature only found on Manton made company muskets. Beautiful full length walnut stock complete with original iron ram rod. Made exclusively for the East India Company these often had East India Company regimental markings.

Joseph Manton and Sons were one of London's foremost Gun Makers that opened in 1795 and ceased trading in 1877. This musket differs from the standard company Model F musket only with the fact that the ramrod pipes are devoid of the usual turnings and appear quite plain. These were from a special contract but the intended end use destination has been lost to history. This is a particularly fine example is one of the very few we found included in the East India Company weapons we received from the old palace of Lagan Silikanna in Kathmandu, Nepal back in 2003.

These were the best of the E.I.C. Percussion Musket series and this example is especially good.

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