Original British EIC 1846 2nd Bengal Irregular Cavalry Percussion Pistol with Blunderbuss Barrel

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a truly remarkable percussion pistol found in the old Palace of Lagan Silikanna in Kathmandu Nepal imported to the USA in 2003.

This pistol was the only example we received and with the help of David Harding's wonderful reference work SMALL ARMS OF THE EAST INDIA COMPANY 1600-1856 VOLUME II" these pistols are listed and described.

Supplied by the East India Company buying agent and marked accordingly on the top of the barrel: GARDEN & CO. 200 PICCADILLY, LONDON. Features a unique blunderbuss barrel together with British proof marks, New Series percussion lock that is engraved:-



According to David Harding this example comes from an order for 144 pairs of this model intended for N.C.O.'s in 1846. The barrel has a blunderbuss muzzle in conjunction with a trapped swivel ramrod. The pistols mounts are all of brass and bears no other markings whatsoever. Clearly an extremely scarce East India Company Irregular Cavalry Pistol, introduced 10 years before the Sepoy rebellion, after which the British government took over the administration of India until 1947.

This is the only example we have ever seen and differs very slightly from the pistol illustrated in Harding's book with a minor difference in the shape of the butt stock. Undoubtedly fully original and correct in all respects.

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