Original British East India Company Percussion Pattern 96 Wall Gun with Swivel Mount c.1840-1852

Item Description

Original Item: One of a Kind. These are really rare and hardly ever encountered. Wall guns were large caliber smooth-bore muskets that were used in the 16th through 18th centuries by defending forces to break the advance of enemy troops. They were too heavy to be fired from the shoulder and so were usually rested on window ledges or low walls, hence the name.

Officially ordered by the BRITISH EAST INDIA COMPANY this is a fine example in approximately 5 BORE (15/16 inch). This configuration was made between 1840 and 1852 and designated the PATTERN 96. The heavy barrel measures 54 inches in length, as compared to a standard musket barrel of 39 inches. The Lock measures 8 3/4" X 1 3/4" and has a double line engraved around the edge. Its style is referred to as "Old Style" and appears to be a conversion from Flintlock, but that was NOT the case as these were all purpose built as Percussion weapons. There are FOUR Ram Rod pipes, including the tail pipe, and like the massive trigger guard, butt plate and side plate are made of brass.

These Wall pieces were heavy, about 40 lbs and comes mounted on its own Oar Lock type mount that could be easily fitted on a ship's rail or a Fortress wall. Overall length is 73 1/2".

Wonderfully described in the wonderful work, SMALL ARMS OF THE EAST INDIA COMPANY 1600 - 1856. Volume TWO, Pages 364 - 369. by DAVID F. HARDING, which states that all told just 1,245 units of these monsters were produced between August 18th 1840 until July 21st 1852. Most all were delivered to India via BOMBAY.

PLEASE NOTE: We have photographed this Wall Gun next to it's contemporary Model "D" EIC Musket carried by the Infantry of the day to show the immense size of this Wall Gun. The Model D Musket is NOT included in this offering and is shown only for comparison. (These Model "D" Muskets are available separately.).

In exceptional condition this Wall Gun even bears it's Armory Number of XC0311. As it happens this came from an old Collection and we received it's neighbor also Numbered "XC0312" should any very advanced Collector care to add both Wall Guns to his Collection.

In glorious Collector's condition and ready to display.


Year of Manufacture: c.1840-1852
Caliber: .94 inches (5 Bore)
Ammunition Type: Lead Ball & Powder with Percussion Cap
Overall Length: 73 1/2 inches
Action: Percussion Lock
Feed System: Muzzle-Loaded

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