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Original British East India Company P-1771 Brown Bess Flintlock Parts Set- Nepalese Gurkha Marked Lock

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Original Item (except where specified): It is no secret that included in the extraordinary cache of arms purchased from the Royal Nepalese Armory by IMA there were a limited quantity of original 18th Century British Brown Bess Flintlock Muskets. Regrettably, they were in a deplorable condition having arrived in Nepal via the East India Company sometime before 1820 and laid undisturbed, and not cared for, since the 1850s. These Brown Bess Muskets are the East India Company Pattern of 1771 featuring a 39" barrel. The British Government adopted the 39" barrel (reduced in length from the 42 inch Short Land Pattern) in 1796. This is why these muskets are commonly referred to as "The Brown Bess India Pattern of 1796" or the Brown Bess 3rd model.


The Flintlock Locks were all made in England for the East India Company and but the original English maker markings were removed once in Gurkha hands, after 1816, and replaced with a Gurkha Nepalese crest. Because so many of the original stocks are broken, rotted and useless we have decided to offer a Restoration Set which consist of:

- Original unattached English made Flintlock lock with Gurkha Nepalese Crest Marking. Almost no cleaning efforts have been made on these locks, just a wipe to reveal the markings, and typical condition will be dirty, with rust and grime. However, no major pitting will be evident and the lock will be functional. See photos.

- Original Brown Bess 39 inch Barrel made by the East India Company in India and features Anglo Indian proof marks. Again, will arrive dirty, rusty and needing a good cleaning. However, no major defects will be present. The tang may be bent or cracked, but repairable.

-Original all steel button nosed ramrod.

- New Made unstained inleted hardwood stock assembly, pattern 1808, complete with all brass mounts, butt plate, trigger guard, side plate and ramrod pipes (3) together with a new made trigger assembly already fitted.

- New Made Lock Screws (2) also know as side nails, (1) Tang Screw and one upper sling swivel.

You will then need to clean and oil all the original parts, fit the barrel into the barrel slot, install the lock into the existing inletted aperture and then fit the new made screws. These screws will almost certainly need to be fitted to the lock, meaning rethreading of the lock plate may be required. The new made wood stocks are untreated so you can stain to suit your fancy. Basic skill is required to seat the barrel and lock assemblies, fit screws, and perhaps make a repair, so bear in mind fitting, cleaning, oiling of metal parts and minor engineering will be required. We do verify that every lock is in functional and in solid condition. So please review the photographs.

Save your very own piece of British colonial history. These original parts are old enough to have taken part in the American war for Independence but they didn't, they were half a world away building an Empire. We offer this Gurkha marked Brown Bess 3rd Model in assembled complete condition for $1295, please see item NB1772C (that is a $600 savings to build one yourself!).

Please remember, that these very old guns are intended for display purposes. IMA does not recommend restoration of these antique firearms into "shooters" and any attempt to do so should be inspected by a licensed gunsmith before firing. Furthermore, please review our return policy as cleaned "untouched" parts are not eligible for return or exchange.

In order to assist in your appreciation for these old flintlocks, please review our book Guns of the Gurkhas by renowned expert John Walter. These very flintlocks are featured on pages 24-29. "It can only be concluded therefore, that the locks were all made in England prior to the end of the Napoleonic War in 1815". P29- John Walter Guns of the Gurkhas. Simply Amazing.

Want to see and learn the step by step process of cleaning, restoring and building one of these part sets? Check out Master Gunsmith Norm Sutton's work on one of these very part sets at the British Militaria Black Powder Forum!

NOTE: International orders of antique firearms MUST be shipped using UPS WW Services (courier). USPS Priority Mail international will not accept these.

Watch the results of a build of one of these kits by an IMA customer-


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