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Original British East India Company Officer Fusil Dated 1816

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Originally this gem of a long arm began life as a Flintlock then later converted to Percussion Cap Fusil. It has faint British Proof Marks on the Barrel and the converted lock plate is still clearly dated 1816 and bears traces of the original East India Company Rampant Lion marking adopted in 1808. This almost miniature Musket has a 36" Barrel with a .65" bore. Such a weapon is known as a Fusil as it uses the same lead ball (.65") as the Pistol that the Officer also carried.

The weapon is 51" overall length and has three brass ramrod pipes, a brass trigger guard, brass patch box cover and butt plate but most interestingly this particular Fusil has a brass guard along the under side of the butt extending from the trigger guard all the way to the butt plate, an extremely rare and eye catching feature.

Offered in excellent collectible condition this Fusil has been completely overhauled and put back to its former glory by the renowned Antique Gunsmith, Norm Sutton see the process of this very gun’s restoration at this link.

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