Original British East India Company Irregular Cavalry Percussion Saddle Ring Carbine

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available.

Supplied by the London Gun maker BARNETT and EZRA MILLWOOD, which appears on the underside of he British proofed steel barrel. The lock is engraved IRREGULAR XIII CAVALRY.

The mounts are brass and the carbine features a swivel-trapped ramrod for use while mounted. The left side bears a saddle bar on which a single ring floats for attachment to the Cavalry Trooper's body sling. If dropped the weapon would then just dangle at the rider's side.

Completely stripped and cleaned the proof marks and barrel contractor's name are all recorded on an accompanying hang tag. In this case the barrel maker is: BARNETT. The stock maker's initials are found stamped in the ramrod channel: CB along with an assembly III.

Recovered from our Nepalese cache purchase of 2003 this Regiment, the XIII Bengal Irregular Cavalry were among those units than mutinied in 1857 and later fled to Nepal only to be disarmed upon entry.

By Treaty agreement with the British, the Nepalese were allowed to keep these seized arms but were required to hang the mutineers.

In truth, they were disarmed but the soldiers were permitted residence within Nepal thereafter explaining today's large Indian ethnic population there today alongside the traditional Gurkhas.

This is a very rare Carbine cleaned to fine display condition.

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