Original British East India Company Baker Pattern Flintlock Musket- 1819-1839

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is the only example of this very rare pattern musket we have found in our Nepal purchase of 2003. Most of the military aid received by Nepal came immediately after the Treaty of Seguli in 1816. This particular musket was in East India Company use up until 1839. Especially designed by Baker in England for the E.I.C. this weapon bears the Rampant Lion logo on the Lock as well as E.I.C. Inspection markings of "Crown/3". The 39" bears British Proof Marks.

The brass furniture is of the simplified design best remembered on percussion muskets that of course this musket is the immediate fore runner of. Cleaned to a truly excellent display condition.

Exceptionally rare, an opportunity we will not have again.

Reference -"SMALL ARMS OF THE EAST INDIA COMPANY 1600-1856 volume 2. Pages 64 - 70. By David F. Harding.

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