Original British Earthenware Glazed Jug Commemorating King William III’s in Irish Williamite Battles of 1690

Item Description

Original item: Only One Available. Possibly dating to the 18th Century, but more likely to the 19th, possibly Victorian. The British pottery/ceramics industry took every opportunity to create commemorative wear justifiable to highlight great moments in British history of the day.

This is a 8 1/2" tall Jug, which American’s call a pitcher, for milk, water or better still BEER. It measures 4 1/2" across its base, with a height of 8 ¼”, indicating a capacity of around 3 Imperial Pints. The glaze is somewhat "CRACKLED" from age, but is still in great condition.

The decoration covers both sides with transfer illustrations of KING WILLIAM III on his horse surrounded by wreaths and banners, which list CIVIL & RELIGIOUS LIBERTY on the left and AUGHRIM, DERRY, and BOYNE on the right. In the middle top it states SURRENDER over the King, and below it says WILLIAM III / JULY 12th 1690, the day of William's victory at Boyne. The three names on the right are all major actions of the Jacobite Rebellion in Ireland, also known as the Williamite War in Ireland. These are:

-The Siege of Derry, which lasted throughout the war.
-The Battle of Boyne, where William III lead his forces to defeat those under James II, after which James II fled to France and William returned to England Victorious
-The Battle of Aughrim, the final battle of the Jacobite Rebellion in Ireland.

These were the last "Official'' Battles the BRITISH had to quell the troublesome IRISH. Ready to display!

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