Original British Brown Bess Third Model Experimental Musket with Spear Bayonet

Item Description

Original Item: One-of-a-kind. This is amazing, a standard early third model Brown Bess Musket designed to receive cavalry".

The musket dates from between 1796-1808 judging by the basic design, however, all ramrod pipes are absent. In place of which is fitted with a much wider trough without any throat mount but with two substantial covered wagon style retaining tubes for what is held in the ramrod’s place.

Secured under the barrel is a 36" long spear bayonet with large leaf shaped head (6" x 2.5"). At the rear end of the spear there is a semi circular crescent shaped, 3.5" fitting with a government broad arrow over a letter over number 3.

Alongside the right hand side muzzle of the musket is a 2.5" domed housing directly behind is s sprung loaded catch system. With the spear locked in place the musket is now effectively armed with a spear bayonet that extends 33" beyond the muzzle.

In all other respects this Brown Bess is a perfectly standard early 3rd model pattern, with 39" barrel, swan neck cock, crown over G.R. TOWER marked lock plate with a fine banister rail butt stock.

Clearly it is original and very old, whether purpose built or later modified to be an experimental anti-cavalry weapon, this is an extremely rare item. With such a spear bayonet secured in place a standard infantryman could repel a Cavalry charge, not necessarily killing the rider but certainly taking down his oncoming mount.

We have never seen another like this and plainly this is an incredibly unique Brown Bess musket. Remember the Movie WATERLOO well they sure needed Muskets like this in the British squares in 1815!

Top jaw and screw from the cock broken away and now absent, this is just as it came out of the attic or the Tower of London, and we are nearly certain you won’t find another anytime soon!

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