Original British Brown Bess Musket - 92nd Regiment of Foot Gordon Highlanders

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Original Item: One-of-a-kind. This is a standard 39-inch barrel third model Brown Bess musket officially adopted in 1796. It has a classic bannister rail butt stock, crown over G.R. and TOWER marked lock plate and has a ring neck cock.

All mounts are brass and the butt plate tang is marked:




These marking represent that this musket was issued to the 92ND REGIMENT OF FOOT. Extensive wear and polishing over the life of this fine musket has nearly obliterated the last number.

Raised in 1794 by the Duke of Gordon as the 100th Regiment of Foot it was changed to the 92ND and confirmed by King George III on 10th February, 1798 as THE GORDON HIGHLANDERS one of what was to become one of Britain's finest infantry regiments.

The Gordon Highlanders served at The Battle of Mandora in Egypt in 1801 followed almost immediately by The Battle of Alexandria defeating French ambitions in Egypt. They served at the 1807 Battle of Koge outside Copenhagen, Denmark. They joined Wellington in the Peninsula War fighting at the Battle of Coruna and throughout the remaining campaign through Portugal, Spain and into France.

In 1814 they were shipped to Belgium and played a leading role at the Battle of Quatre Bras on the 16th of June just before Waterloo. They then served at the Battle of Waterloo and in conjunction with the Scot's Greys Cavalry Regiment broke the French line, a fascinating story, well worth reading.

Glorious battle records that resulted in The Gordon Highlanders being one of Britain's most respected and premiere regiments. Throughout all these engagements they were armed with Brown Bess muskets.

This example originates from an old collection in England and is offered in fine display condition after having been treasured already for over 200 years.

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