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Original British Army WWII type Infantry Clasp Knife with Lanyard and Belt Attachment

Item Description

Original Item: Genuine Military issue British WW2 type, show 1950s post war dates, but are nearly identical to WWII issue.

These are the sturdy Clasp knives issued to all British infantrymen as part of their personal equipment. Each knife is fitted with a 'Sheep's Foot' Blade, (Sheep's Foot denotes the blade shape), a Can Opener, a Screw Driver and a Marlin Spike for use in knot tying and untying. The Marlin Spike, as every English schoolboy knows, was also used to 'remove stones from Horse's hooves', something more relevant in Victorian England than in WW2.

Each knife comes with cord lanyard and web belt attachment and is RAZOR sharp!

Offered in very good to excellent condition, may show signs of storage age.

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