Original British Army P-58 OD Green Haversack Large Back Pack

Item Description

Original Item: British1958 pattern webbing was a modular based personal equipment system issued to the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom from the 1950s up until the mid 80s. It replaced the 1937 Pattern Web Equipment that had served the UK's Armed Forces through the Second World War and the first decade of the cold war. It was in turn gradually replaced in the 1990s by the current issue '95 Pattern Personal Load Carrying Equipment (PLCE).

A general issue of 1958 Pattern webbing consisted of a belt, yoke, ammunition pouches (left, with provision for an SLR bayonet, and right, with a pouch to the rear for a rifle grenade), a water bottle pouch, a pair of kidney pouches, a poncho roll and a large pack.

We are offering only the large back pack or haversack. Each comes in good useable condition, some with visible ink dates in the 1960s/70s.

Approximate Bag dimensions are-

Length: 17

Height: 15

Width: 5

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