Original British Army Mine Detector No. 4c Set in Wood Transit Chest

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. As seen on the television series episode two of FAMILY GUNS currently airing on the National Geographic Channel.

Dating from the time of the Cold War (1960’s) these were the standard Mine Detector for the British Army in the 1960s and later. Officially known as the Mine Detector No 4c, each runs on 9-volt batteries (not included). This fully functional set contains:

-Mine detector Head with foldout telescopic handle grip that can be strapped to one arm.

-One Set of Rubber Earphones with wiring harness to power Pack.

-Neat Power Pack / control box (amplifier) with belt attachments with wiring to detector head.

-Also included is a "Search Coil Alignment test Unit"(whatever that is) in bakelite housing with smart data plate.

-Copy of an original User Handbook copyright 1960.

Official description of this unit: The United Scientific Instruments No 4C mine detector was the standard mine detector of the British Army from 1968. Earlier models were the No 4 and No 4A. The No 4C comprises a search head mounted on a telescopic handle, an amplifier unit, headphones and connecting cables. For transport, the equipment is disassembled and carried in a wooden case, which also contains the spare battery, test boxes, extension cables and other accessories. The search head contains two mutually reacting inductance coils. Inductance is adjustable by means of a dust core trimmer assembly; when correctly adjusted, the mutual inductance of the two coils is in balance. When any metal component is brought within the field of the coils, the balance is distorted, resulting in an oscillating difference potential. This is then amplified by the amplifier unit and fed to the earphone as a distinctly audible signal. There are two modes of operation, one for detecting metallic mines in normal soil and the other for detection in heavily mineralized ground, or if there is likely to be metallic contamination on the surface. The mode of operation is selected by a switch on the amplifier unit. During use, the telescopic pole is extended, and one end is strapped to the forearm while the other is attached to the search head. The amplifier unit (which also contains the batteries) is clipped to the operator's belt, and both the search head cable and earphone lead.

Just great for display or for finding the mines in your back yard perhaps. Good to Very Good condition. Our very last set.

MKIV Turtle Helmet is not included but is available separately.

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