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Original British Admiral Lord Nelson Georgian Era Gilt Brass Snuffbox

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Original Item: Only One Available. The death of Admiral Horatio Nelson at the great Battle of Trafalgar stunned England. Nelson, an incredibly gifted seaman had achieved three great victories over the French. The threat of Napoleon's armies invading England were removed with the total destruction of both the French and Spanish Naval fleets of Cape Trafalgar on October 21st, 1805.

His other great victories were at the Battle of Aboukir Bay, commonly known as the Battle of the Nile on August 1st 1798 and the Battle of Copenhagen on April 2nd 1801. The earliest crushed Napoleon Bonaparte's ambitions in Egypt and the second the Royal Danish Navy a staunch French ally in the Baltic. The Battle of Trafalgar was his greatest achievement securing England's homeland from French invasion however in doing so he lost his life. The whole Country mourned.

As a result expensive gentlemanly trinkets were produced allowing men of means to demonstrate their admiration, respect and love for Nelson.

This is a very upmarket snuff box of gilt copper or brass fully embossed with the actions of Admiral Lord Nelson. The top has an embossed image in great detail and his date of birth September 29th 1758. The rear panel listing his three great Naval Victories as outlined above naming him as "Conqueror" and of Trafalgar "Where he Gloriously Fell".

Just over 2" in diameter and 1" high with some gilding still present mostly on the back and sides. Produced probably within a year of his death to help a grieving Nation. Items from this era with patriotic themes are hard to find on today’s market.

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