Original British 18th Century Three Barrel Flintlock Pistols Concealed in Tea Caddy - Named to Sydney Family

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Original Items: One-of-a-kind set. As seen on History Channel's Pawn Stars, these are fantastic three barrel flintlock pistols which are concealed in the base of a 1770's era Tea Caddy.

Watch IMA's own antique gun expert Alex evaluate and shoot the these pistols on History Channel's Pawn Stars:

ALGERNON SYDNEY born 1623 and was a younger son of the 2ND Earl of LEICESTER, grandson of the !ST Earl of Leicester, Queen Elizabeth 1st's lover. They were Protestants and ALGERNON fought for OLIVER CROMWELL in the New Model Army during the English Civil War. He was against the Restoration of KING CHARLES II in 1660. He was a contemporary of JONH LOCKE. He wrote "DISCOURSES CONCERNING GOVERNMENT" which contradicts the DIVINE RIGHT OF KINGS. His ideas are considered a cornerstone of Western thought and contributed to the establishment of the United States one hundred years later. His work has been called; " The Textbook of the American Revolution." In 1682 Algernon was discovered with others plotting the assassination of both King Charles II and his brother, later King James II and was condemned to the block and beheaded. On the day of his execution upon the Scaffold he famously said; MAY THE KING MAKE A SNUFF BOX OF MY ARSE.
The Tea Caddy is decorated with an inlaid silver plaque on the lid that includes the Sydney family Motto; MANUS HACINMICA TYRANNI translating to: THIS HAND IS THE ENEMY OF TYRANTS.

The pistols were made by ISAAC SMITH who worked from 1747 until 1790 from his shop in LONDON. Smith was known for making multi-shot pocket pistols with screw-off barrels. One was pistol there is a pan selector switch which allows the shooter to discharge all at once or one at a time.

It should be noted that the hidden pistols contained a compartment beneath the tea containers are designed to store these two three barrel pistols Fully Loaded with the cocks at half cock for instant use.

Clearly the efforts of one of England's Noble Families who despite them having a truly PROTESTANT monarch still feared the possibilities of Catholic tyrants.


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