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Original British 18th Century Naval Foghorn of HMS AGAMEMNON

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Original Item: One-of-a-kind. We've never seen one of these before only in book references. This is a true 18th century bellows style fog horn with a large "blunderbuss" shape horn bearing the ship's name AGAMEMNON.

The HMS AGAMEMNON was launched 10th April 1781 and saw terrific action throughout her career, initially in the American Revolutionary War. She was a 64 Gun 3rd Rate Man-O-War of 160' feet in length and for a period of years she was Captained by Horatio Nelson in the mid 1790s. She took part in the Battle of Copenhagen in 1801 and again at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 where she was positioned in Nelson's weather column. At TRAFALGAR she was credited for the capture of the of the massive Spanish 4 decker Man-O-War SANTISIMA TRINIDAD. She was eventually wrecked on June 16th 1809 off the River Platte.

This amazing foghorn measures 33" in length and has a brass blunderbuss style "trumpet" is 11 inches. Like most bellows, the body is of wood with a leather air bag. It is still in excellent working condition but clearly shows it age.

In the 18th and 19th centuries sea fogs and mists were a real problem as there was nothing to warn sailors of oncoming hidden vessels beyond bells.

Actually numbered No.2 indicating that the vessel carried more than one foghorn. A fascinating item from a well documented Man-O-War that saw much action for her country.

Exceptionally rare, ready to display and sound!

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