Original British 1895 Bronze 6lb Breech Loading Cannon from the Northwest Frontier

Item Description

Original Item: Only One available. An amazing piece of history produced at a time of war in another impenetrable part of the British Empire. Britain started colonizing India in the early 18th Century and basically pushed the French out of contention at the Battles of Plessey and Pondicherry in 1757 and 1759 respectively. Britain gradually overcame all the individual States of what today in India itself, Bangla Desh and Pakistan, a vast area. The last resistance came from the Patan Tribesmen of the North West Frontier in what is now the Bora Bora region of Northern Pakistan.

The last Waziristan Campaign of 1894 put this area under British Control however the remoteness meant that many British Garrisons were left isolated in hostile hill country. The mountain fortresses were secure but were venerable to mass attacks in that the terrain provided extensive close cover to any assailant. To avoid being over run it was decided that quick firing Cannons shooting grapeshot type loads would be the best solution to counter mass infantry assaults.

The region was isolated and time was short so obsolete late 18th century muzzle loading bronze cannons left over from the Napoleonic wars were pressed into service one last time. These were converted into M-1895 Breach loaders and installed into fixed fortress positions to repel any attack.

The strategy appears to have worked in that no famous action resulted and these 18th/19th Century Bronze cannons have just faded into history being quickly replaced with far more modern technology.

Here is a single example, offered as an antique Bronze Cannon Barrel (without mount) complete with its functional 1895 breach loading system. Regarded as an Antique this is completely free of any Federal Restricts to own and display and illustrates a very short but romantic part of Colonial Military History.

Approximate Specifications-

Bore: 3.75 inches

Barrel Diameter behind muzzle: 5.80 inches

Barrel Diameter in front of breech: 7.75 inches

Barrel Diameter at Breech: 8.5 inches

Trunion Width: 14.25 inches

Overall Length: 37.5 inches.

Weight: 1000 Lbs

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