Original British 1780 Brass Flintlock Duck's Foot Pistol by Bunney of London

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. another amazing piece acquired from the Strakaty collection of Vienna, Austria.

A true Classic with Birmingham silver hallmarks dating from 1780 this is a four Barreled "Duck's Foot" Flintlock Pistol expressly manufactured to fire all four barrels at the same time in order to avert a rioting mob or more specifically a mutiny aboard ship.

Bunney of London made this fine example. Joseph Bunney first started business in 1730 and his company survived over three generations until 1815 with shops in both Birmingham and London. (See "English, Irish and Scottish Firearms Makers" by A. Merwyn Carey, published 1954 by The Arms and Armour Press, London.)

The four cannon shaped barrels, individually numbered 1 through 4 are each 5.25 inches in length. The pistol is 12.5 inches overall. The underside of the barrel block, directly behind the barrels, has a wonderful engraving of a Frigate or Ship of the Line. The wood butt inlaid with silver wire and has a blank silver escutcheon plate and a Grotesque Mask Silver Butt Cap clearly showing the silver proof marks including anchor and the date letter H, indicating Birmingham 1780.

The whole piece is in outstanding condition and ready to display, perhaps even the nicest Duck's Foot Pistol in existence?

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