Original British 1779 Naval Document of Privateer Pirate Ship – THE TERRIBLE

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Original Item: Only One Available. Many people may not have realized that most pirates were sponsored by their own countries. They were known as PRIVATEERS who were authorized by the crown to attack and sack the ships of British enemies. That meant French, Spanish, Dutch, and others depending on the current political climate. Captains Drake and Hawkins were the most well known examples from the time of Queen Elizabeth I.

This document on King George III headed paper is dated:

The twelfth day of February in the nineteenth year of our Sovereign Lord King George the third.

It relates to a seaman named RICHARD ARBUCKLE of his Majesty's private ship of war called THE TERRIBLE commanded by Mr. SAMUEL AYERS.

Basically the document bequeaths his estate (prize monies, spoils) to his sister-in-law one Johanna Catherine Arbuckle wife to his brother James. The document is signed by both Richard Arbuckle and Samuel Ayers and carries a red wax seal.

On the reverse of the document there is a receipt signed by J. Catherine Arbuckle for the sum of TWO POUNDS and TWO SHILLINGS paid to her as PRIZE MONEY due to Richard Arbuckle of TERRIBLE, PRIVATEER. This is dated October 16th, 1780.

So it appears our pirate hero was dead in just 20 months, perhaps hanged by the French, upon reflection perhaps not a great career choice. True historical romance, a fine 100% genuine document ready to display.

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