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Original British 1700 Silver Hilt Hunting Sword Pistol by Vandebaize of London - Hirschfänger

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Original Item: Only One Available. Made by Phillip Van Der Baize, a Huguenot French Protestant Gun Maker of formerly Dutch decent who fled the continent after the revocation of the edict of Nantes in 1685. English hunting sword pistols are extremely rare and this example is beautifully made, its simply stunning.

This exceptional traditional German style hunting sword has a partially engraved 20" double edged blade with a small pistol barrel mounted on the left side. It features silver hilt and cross guard which are constructed of fretted out silver scrolls with negative space around a military motif in the center of each side. Silver scallop shell guard protecting a flintlock pistol mechanism with the trigger extending down in front of the lower cross guard for easy access. The 3" pistol barrel is inlaid with a silver plaque showing the maker's name, VANDEBAIZE, LONDON, under which name the family continued their business.

Hirschfänger; Hirshfanger=Hirsh, Fanger=stag catcher. The Hirschfänger is a centuries old traditional German hunting sword. It was used to bleed out prey. During WWII these were a coveted War Trophy by American GI's during WWll. As towns were captured on German soil, the Burgermeister was instructed to gather all weapons to the town square. This would include firearms and edged weapons. The advancing soldiers took souvenirs, many of which were the Hirschfängers.


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