Original British 14 Bore Double Barrel Flintlock Coaching Shotgun by Harvey of Exeter - circa 1820

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Original Item: Only One Available. Here we have a very nice British Double Barrel Flintlock Coaching shotgun, in 14 bore, a popular size of the time for self-defense. It is fitted with a 23" double barrels and measures 39" in overall length. These smaller guns were often referred to as "Carbines", and were very popular for self-defense during the Coaching era. The shorter length made them much easier to bring to bear, and the close distances made the accuracy of a longer barrel a non-issue.

There is lovely engraving on both locks which are both marked Harvey Exeter in lovely Gothic style lettering. There is light engraving on most of the iron metalwork as well. The rear of the barrel assembly has a line of silver inlay, as well as two rectangular stamped areas, which both read HARVEY / EXETER. The Harvey family of Exeter in Southwest England produced many gunsmiths throughout the 19th century, and all are well-regarded.

The bottoms of both barrels are marked with a maker mark of CROWN / IS, which is unfortunately not one that we recognize. They are also marked with both of the 1813-1855 style markings from the Birmingham Proof house: CROWN / CROSSED SCEPTERS / B P C, and CROWN / CROSSED SCEPTERS / V. It was very common for makers to contract out barrel production, as it was more cost effective, and Birmingham had many high level makers.

The right side lock is fully functional, holding at half cock and firing at full, while the left look needs a tumbler adjustment, and currently does not have a full cock position. The wood stock is in good condition, with a lovely color, however there definitely are repaired cracks in the wrist and around the barrels. There also appears to be some wood filler used around the barrels. There is a silver escutcheon on the back of the wrist, but it is unmarked.  The original ramrod is unfortunately missing, now replaced with a wooden dowel with a machined brass tip

This is a very nice looking gun, and would look perfect mounted on the wall. Ready to display!


Year of Manufacture: circa 1820
Caliber: 14 bore / gauge
Ammunition Type: Lead ball / shot and Powder
Barrel Length: 23 inches
Overall Length: 39 inches
Action: Side Action Flintlock
Feed System: Muzzle Loading

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