Original British 12 Bore Double Barrel Percussion Shotgun with Belgian Barrel by Moore & Co of London - circa 1850

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Original Item: Only One Available. Here we have a very nice British Double Barrel percussion shotgun, in what looks to be 12 bore, a very popular size then. It is fitted with a 30" double barrels and measures 45 1/2" in overall length. There is light engraving on both locks and most of the metalwork. The breech of the barrel is decorated with some silver inlay, and forward of this is a faint silver inlay reading MOORE & CO. LONDON.

This looks to be one of many shotguns made for the large North American frontier trade in the mid 19th Century. Many of these were themselves made from parts imported from Belgium, and the bottom of the barrel is in fact marked with the E / L G / * in an Oval marking from Liège. There is also serial number 2288 stamped on the barrel mounting fitting, which is also faintly marked on the bottom of the barrel assembly. There is some rust making the marking hard to see.

The locks both function however neither will hold correctly at half cock. Both cap nipples are present, but worn, and we have not checked to see if they are clear. The wood stock is in very good condition, with no major cracking or damage that we can see. There is some lovely figuring to the wood in the butt stock area, and there is still checkering present on the wrist, though it is now worn and somewhat faint. The original ramrod is unfortunately missing, now replaced with a stained wooden dowel.

This is a great looking gun, and would look perfect mounted on the wall. Ready to display!


Year of Manufacture: circa 1850
Caliber: 12 bore
Ammunition Type: Lead ball / shot and Powder
Barrel Length: 30 inches
Overall Length: 45 1/2 inches
Action: Side Action Percussion
Feed System: Muzzle Loading

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