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Original Belgian Percussion Trade Musket with 1868 dated Austrian Lock made for the African Market

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Original Item: Only one Available. Dating to the later Victorian era and possibly even produced up until World War I, this type of percussion Musket was basically the bottom of the barrel in European gun manufacture. In the late Victorian era the Countries of Europe controlled great swathes of land, known as Colonies, throughout Africa and the far East. These native populations needed weapons just to exist for hunting game for the table and to prevent attack from the neighboring groups.

This is a good example, probably assembled circa 1890, of a Liège produced musket out of Belgium for use in the vast Belgian Congo in central Africa. It has been constructed very simply, using an Austrian Flintlock Military lock plate dated 866 for 1866. This back action lock likely came originally from a Lorenz rifle model 1862, or similar weapon. The barrel bands, trigger guard and butt plate are all also from an iron-mounted Austrian Musket, and the butt plate still carries the Austrian Regimental Markings.

The Wood stock and Barrel however were purposely manufactured as Trade Gun components. The Barrel, half octagonal and half, round measures 37 inches long, with the musket measuring 53 inches in overall length. The barrel is stamped MADE IN BELGIUM on the top, and and bears the "Tower of Liège" and E / L G / * in an oval proof marks of the Belgian gun trade. The wood stock is on the simplest kind of a nondescript wood but has a pleasant grain pattern.
Clearly from its excellent condition this example never made it to the Congo and somehow got to the U.S. instead.

A nice example, ready to display!


Year of Manufacture: 1868 - converted 1890s.
Caliber: .55" smoothbore
Cartridge Type: Shot and Powder with Cap
Barrel Length: 37 Inches

Overall Length: 53 Inches
Action type: Back Action Lock
Feed System: Muzzle Loaded

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