Original Belgian Comblain Model 1867 Sawback Bayonet with Scabbard for M1870 Comblain Rifle

Item Description

Original Item: One Only. This is a fine example of the rare early Model 1867 Pioneer Saw back Bayonet, the bayonet used as the prototype for the German 1871 Pioneer Saw back. Up until WWI, this style of bayonet was common for "Pioneer" troops, light engineering soldiers that prepared for later troops. Contrary to rumors, the back of the bayonet really was for sawing wood, not a device to inflict grievous wounds on enemies. However, rumors proved stronger than truth, and by WW1 the saw back bayonet was on the way out. For more information, please see Watts & White, The Bayonet Book, Page 34 Item No. 77.

Our example is dated 1870 and fits our Brass Framed Comblain Rifle, offered separately. The bayonet comes with its original brass mounted leather scabbard, marked 1880 with serial number V2368. A beautifully polished specimen that looks just great on the rifle, but bears a different serial number 1222, or, would on it's own, add to any bayonet collection.

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